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Based in Maidstone, Kent. Quantum is a licensed supplier of aerial filming and photographic services. Licensed by the C.A.A. and fully insured with public liability. We are a professional aerial filming and photography production company using remote-controlled multi-rotor UAVs (drones).

Producing stunning cinematic footage up to 4k resolution using gyro-stabilised cameras and dual controlled Helicam’s for ultra smooth filming.

With our radio-controlled multi-rotor aircraft we can access areas that traditional photography and filming just can’t reach.

We can produce fully compiled films from shooting, colour grading and editing as well as working closely with your Director & DOP to create the exact look you envisioned.

No need for cranes, tracks, jibs or expensive helicopters. Our Helicam’s can produce more superior results at a fraction of the cost. The flexibility is huge, with the ability to fly indoors or outdoors, low to ground, under bridges etc.